Luxor Gradient Crochet Cotton Ball 50 Grams

    Cotton Crochet Aguglieria Sfumato Lux Rubber 50 Grams

    SLUXCOT col. Ecrù 125

    Cotton Crochet Sfumato Lux Rubber 50 Grams

    price for 50 grams elbow

    We recommend buying the right amount to have the same color bath.

    Color: Ecru
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    Cotton Crochet Sfumato Lux Rubber 50 Grams

    Price for Gomiltolo

    Technical data

    Composition: 100% Cotton Egypt combed - gasate - mercerized
    Title Metric Nm: 1/2,5

    Crochet 2.5 - 3.5

    Packaging: Rubber gr. 50 = mt. 125 approx.
    Packaging: gr. 50 elbows
    Available colors: 40 colors combined + 9 colors shaded
    Technical instructions:
    Hand wash up to 60° or washing machine using neutral detergents.
    On color avoid chlorine-based surfactants
    Use: Work with 3.5 – 4 or with 5 or family type machine. The yarn is suitable for the realization of sports garments, with a young look to be worn every day. It has a particularly shiny and soft look thanks to the slow twist that makes it look very similar to cold wool.
    The accurate quality and processing that is subjected to such as flame gasing keeps it combed and without impurities for a long time avoiding the unpleasant inconveniences of pilling. Ideal for knitting, knitting, crocheting or machine both for men and women.
    You can make costumes, canoes, shirts, sweaters and golf. The soft torsion also recommends a use for children, especially for those suffering from annoying wool allergies, therefore a good solution also for winter days. In a nutshell... a thread for all seasons!

    We recommend buying the right amount to have the same color bath.

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    SLUXCOT col. Ecrù 125
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