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Sesia Ball of Multicolor Iris Cotton 125 Gr


Price for 1 Elbow

Meters to the elbow:125 g e = 450 m

Ferries no.: 2.5 mm - 3 mm

Color: 5314
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Sesia Gomitolo Multicolor Iride Cotton 125 Gr.

Price for 1 Elbow

Colorful and fun is our new yarn Iride, 100% cotton Made in Italy

organic certificate Gots, characterized by shades of colors

different that will make every head unique.

Meters to the elbow:125 g e = 450 m

Ferries no.: 2.5 mm - 3 mm


Iron: 3.25 80cm long

Weight: 150 g (2 elbows)


Points Used:rombi traforati

Sample: a pattern repetition

specially supplied for sample (19

starting points for 28 ferries) corresponds

to a square of 9cm x 9cm, measured

after locking.It is recommended to work the

sample adding at least two points

alloy margin and take the thread head

from the center of one of the elbows,

without discarding the initial part not dyed.

Sizes: S (M, L)

Yarn: 2 (3, 3) yarn elbows SESIA Iride (100% organic cotton, 125g = 450m).

Ferries and material:circular needles from 3.25mm long 80cm, a second iron to leave in

suspended points or, alternatively, an auxiliary wire, sewing needle, two markers.

100% Organic Cotton Pettinato

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