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Stickvlies can be ironed Fixier-Stickvlies the top 90 cm View larger

Stickvlies can be ironed Fixier-Stickvlies the top 90 cm


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The article and footage:
90 cm

price per meter

Setting of the iron

5 Seconds

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2,48 €

2,75 €

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Job description:

  1. Embroidery free and the paint wire: apply with the iron Fixier-Stickvlies, embroider the motif, finally rip.
  2. Support for the seam for patchwork, the impuntiture and work on a quilt: design motifs on Stickvlies and secure it on the straight side of the work at hand. Tufting pattern, and finally rip the Stickvlies.
  3. With Fixier-Stickvlies it is possible to stabilize the fabrics to be printed with an inkjet printer: cut the fabric to the desired size (e.g. DIN A4), iron Fixier-Stickvlies on the back and possibly print using the colors waterproof. After printing Fixier-Stickvlies can be removed in a simple manner without leaving residues. The printed fabric can be further worked to pleasure, for example, as a quilt, set of placemats, bag etc..

Important note on the use

Before proceeding to the processing of the products, we recommend that you make tests use

Use for:

All fabrics

The advantages of the product:

  • can be ironed, but does not adhere in a permanent way
  • allows for perfect embroideries on elastic fabrics and you can easily remove
  • can be used for patchwork and creative works as freezer paper

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