Wire No. 40, Amman Mettler 200 metres poly sheen neon

    Spool Sewing Thread Seraflex Mettler Elastic Seams 130 Mt

    7840 col. Nero 4000

    130 Mt Seraflex

    price per piece

    Color: Black


    Spool Sewing Thread Seraflex Mettler Elastic Seams 130 Mt

    Price per Piece

    Ins and outs
    Material: 100% Polyester
    Characteristics: elastic in the longitudinal direction
    Usage: Sports/Functional Training, Underwear, Swimwear, Sweatshirts
    Length (m): 130,0

    Certificates: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I
    Conformity mark: certified
    Washing: 60° normal linen
    use of dryer possible at higher temperatures
    ironing possible at moderate temperatures
    Seraflex is the perfect sewing thread for highly elastic seams. Thanks to the innovative PTT raw material (renewable up to 37%) an elongation of about 65% is obtained, which makes the seams highly elastic. This means that elastic seams are now also possible with your home sewing machine, absolutely no need for sewing cutters or double needle.
    Seraflex makes the straight point particularly elastic. The elasticity of the seams can even be doubled compared to seams with conventional sewing threads.
    Seraflex is therefore the perfect sewing thread for elastic fabrics such as jersey, french terry, sweatshirt, cuffs, etc.

    Three stars

    Instructions for use:

    Seraflex should be used both as a needle thread and as a spoline thread
    Adjustment of the tension of both the needle wire and the thread of the spoline so that it is as loose as possible (to avoid an early lengthening of the stretched wire)
    perfect for stitching with sewing machine
    not suitable for stitching, embroidery or overlock stitching
    Length: 130 m | 142 yds
    Title: About Nm 83/3 (dtex120 *3)
    Recommended needle fineness: Nm 70-80
    Maximum tensile force: about 800 cN
    Maximum elongation at traction: about 65%

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    7840 col. Nero 4000
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    100% Polyester
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