10 Pcs DMC Babylo Crochet Thread Thickness 10 Art.147 Ball 100 Grams

    10 Pz DMC Baby Wire Crochet Size 10 Art.147 Elbow 100 Grams

    157/10-10PZ col. Ecrù

    10 Art.147 crochet 1,50/1,75

    Price for 10 100 Grams Gomitoli

    Color: Ecru
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    10 Pz DMC Baby Wire Crochet Size 10 Art.147 Elbow 100 Grams

    Price for 10 100 Grams Gomitoli

    Babylo is the ideal yarn for quality crochet garments, indeformable and intended to last over time. It is produced from one of the best long-fibre and top-quality cottons in compliance with the strict quality controls of DMC and European environmental standards for dyes. Available in 100 g elbows, it is a 100% cotton yarn, backed to 3 indivisible garments, silky and regular appearance, mercerized for better stability and color rendering, easy to work and very durable. Babylo complies with REACH regulations and OEKO-TEX certification on eco-compatibility and the absence of harmful substances at every stage of production. Use a crochet 1,50/1,75 for the thickness 10..

    533 meters
    High Quality Crochet Yarn
    3 colors

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    157/10-10PZ col. Ecrù
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    100% Cotton
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