Ready to collect points?

By purchasing on TOMASELLI MERCERIA you can accumulate points to convert into discounts for your next purchases!

See how it works.

  • All products in the TOMASELLI MERCERIA shop have a maximum value expressed in points.
  • The more purchases you make, the more points you will be able to collect.
  • Each point earned corresponds to 1 cent. For example: having a budget of 300 points you can take advantage of a discount of 3 euros.
  • You can manage the points as you like. In fact, you can choose whether to use them in a single solution, or spread them over several purchases.
  • By logging in, the summary of the points accumulated will be shown in your account by clicking on "COLLECT POINTS".
  • To manage your points or have a summary of all the activities related to the Points Collection promotion click on the "POINTS COLLECTION PANEL".
  • After accumulating points, with each new order, in the cart summary, you will be shown the points balance and you can convert it immediately or create discount codes that can be used in whole or in part for your purchases.

For any doubt or clarification on the operation of the points collection CONTACT US